middle east and international relations:

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the middle east and international relations: arab-israel conflict Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The recent Iran- US conflicts over the issue of nuclear arsenal development by Iran almost put the world into another war. However, the peace efforts conducted by some peace-loving nations and the United Nations helped the Middle East people to avoid a war at least in the recent future. Iraq seems to be settling back to normal life. The American troops are going to withdraw from Iraq in the near future itself. At the same time, Israel-Palestine conflicts seem to be never-ending. An amicable solution for these problems seems to be not in the distant dreams of the political observers. Having an independent state like all other countries is a dream for the Palestinians for a long period. They strongly believe that they have every right to have a free state, but Israel, on the other hand, thinks that a free Palestine state may be harmful to their political interests. Jerusalem is a sacred place for the Jews, Muslims, and Christians. In fact, there may not be any other place in the world that is equally important for all these three religions and beliefs. Arab – Israel conflict is one of the main threats for world peace because of the multidimensional aspects it covers. A lot of people around the world believed that the current trends of terrorism have their roots in the Arab – Israel conflict. The US foreign policy towards this issue is questioned by many because of the soft corner it keeps towards Israel. Though the US tried immensely to convince the world that it has taken a neutral policy on this issue, nobody takes this claim seriously.&nbsp.

In my opinion, even though the Iran-US conflicts are heating up, Palestine- Israel conflict seems to be creating more headaches to the world at present and most probably in the future also. Arab-Israel conflict is mainly because of the conflict between Palestine and Israel. In fact, this conflict has been taken some dangerous dimensions since the entire Muslims in the world consider it as an intrusion of Jews culture into Muslim beliefs.

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middle east and international relations:
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