Microbiological Aspects of Decontamination.

Although not recorded by La Duc et al. (2007, p. 2600) as a common member of clean room microflora, Staphylococci can pose serious health risks to patients and must be looked out for when determining clean room biocontamination. They are the main pathogenic microorganisms in medical device-related infections. Much of their success is caused by their strong surface adhesion and biofilm formation. Biofilms are especially important because they impose a resistance to host defense and antibiotics (von Eiff, et al., 2005, pp. 182). If clean room conditions are suddenly compromised, the sterility of devices prepared in it will be compromised as well. Once the contaminants grow significantly large in the body, localized inflammation, sepsis, or even death can occur (von Eiff, et al., 2005, pp. 183). And because antibiotics do not seem to work, removal of prostheses thus becomes inevitable (von Eiff, et al., 2005, p. 186).

It is thus imperative that possibilities for contamination in clean room environments for neurological prostheses production are kept to a minimum. This review looked at rooms for improvement on the current procedures used by The Future Technology Company in ensuring pathogen-free production area for active implantable neurological prostheses manufacture. However, this review was limited to suggesting improvements on the current biocontamination control and sampling methods done in the newly-prepared clean room of the company. However, this review did not suggest improvements that will entail reconstruction of the clean room, as it might pose significant financial pressure onto the company. Nonetheless, reconstruction is not discouraged, and its implementation is with the consent of the company.

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Microbiological Aspects of Decontamination.
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The company was successful in preparing a formal system of biocontamination control.&nbsp.

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