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Martinez (2013) states, “Whenever cognition is used to control cognition, that is a form of higher-order thinking called metacognition” (p.56). In other words, having a self-awareness of the thoughts you are having yourself. Considering  metacognition and how it applies to learning could be when students accept the realization that material is or is not understood and taking the appropriate actions to seek additional help if needed. Also if students recognize that paying attention in class is or is not happening and how this can be rectified. With instructors, metacognition is important with having awareness of what strategies to utilize in the classroom setting. Is there awareness that students are not grasping concepts in the classroom and alternative methods need to be the focus of teaching. They can change and adapt material or the manner its presented to assist with learning. 

Cognitive Dissonance Theory

Martinez (2013) states, “Cognitive dissonance theory is premised on the idea that people wish for consistency between what they believe or say they believe) and what they do” (p.171). In other words, as students have a certain experience in the classroom this information is conflicting with their own personal thoughts. I am not currently an educator so I can only speculate how I would address this topic in my classroom. I believe that I would use data that supports the material I am presenting. Possibly the manner that it is presented is creating the conflict. Achieving harmony in the classroom is the best and more beneficial way for students to learn (Guerra & Wubbena, 2017). I would also encourage any differing viewpoints to be voiced so that the reasonings behind their ideas can be discussed. This would help to determine their perspective. 

Critical Thinking Question on Metacognition: 

How does the topic of metacognition relate to a recent learning experience you’ve had in a class? 

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