Men and Horses.

Provide a 10 pages analysis while answering the following question: Men and Horses. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Today very few horses are found in the wild, and ancient remains are witness to man’s reliance on his horse in hunting, travel, farming, war and as a beast of burden. Horses were used in warfare before firearms were discovered and were the fastest means of transport long before the industrial revolution. The word horsepower is witness to the way man measured the power of his horse. Today horses are mostly used for sport and leisure although many in the developing countries still depend on the trusty horse for farming and traveling and for the movement of goods.

During the twentieth century, many anthropologists have put forth theories about when and why the horse was first domesticated. Most archeologists agree that horses must have been domesticated for riding, as well as for their meat during the Neolithic, Eneolithic or Early Bronze Age. They also agree that this domestication took place probably simultaneously in various places in Europe. Two kinds of evidence exist to show that horse husbandry existed in early times. Direct evidence of horses buried with harnesses, bridles chariots and wagons point to early domestication. Indirect evidence is inferred from bones and osteometric analysis and a host of other methods. However, all of this indirect evidence can have varied explanations and hence none of it can be taken as a completely reliable explanation for the origins of horse husbandry. Horses may even have been used before the time mentioned when they were ridden bareback. Therefore it is difficult to pinpoint when exactly man tamed the wild horse for his own use.

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“A tame animal differs from a wild one in that it is dependent on the man and will stay close to him of its own free will” opines J. Clutton-Brock. (Clutton-Brock, page 16) There is also a difference between a tamed animal and a domesticated one. The tame animal is born in the wild whereas the domesticated one has learned to breed in captivity.&nbsp.

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