Media Reaction Project

Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Media Reaction Project. The report objective is to investigate whether race played any role or influenced administration of capital penalties to defendants. Racial bias is not constitutionally right and should be eradicated at all cost possible. The paper main focus is correlated to the racial profiling and prosecution as taught earlier in the semesters. The paper focuses on the judgement that was mainly influenced by the race of the defendant in the case of Furman Vs the state of Georgia.

In this dissertation, we mainly base on the case of Furman and try to figure out the unfair justice that was administered to him by the Jury. Furman indeed committed a crime as he had entered in a private home without permission most probably to steal. Unluckily for him, one of the family members of that house while stealing found him in the act. He wanted to run away but on his attempt, his gun tripped and fell down. The weapon was stuck it went off shooting the family member. The state treated the case as homicide instead of manslaughter base on the circumstatences that he murder occurred. Furman was guilty even before the case started and he was sentenced to the death by the famous Georgia death penalty for homicide. Furman was mentally ill and a black American. He had five votes for him and four votes against him. Instead, the court decided to apply other statutes an act that was unconstitutional. The court never considered the fact that Furman was not sane this reveals the point of racial discrimination in the case. He was not given chance for a fair trial for the logical thing was for the judge to instruct that a medical examination be carried out on him and determine the state of his mind to stand trial.

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Media Reaction Project
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I decided to use the case of Furman as it has solid evidences that show that the prosecution judged against him was unfair.

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