McKinsey & Company Recruitment Team.

. I believe that this particular field of business analysis is one of the most challenging fields that can help me develop professionally and personally. Business Analysis is the backbone of all current and up and coming businesses. The future economy of the world relies heavily on the correct business analysis of future events and the stresses that it shall apply to the business community when the time comes. Our job as business analysts is to make sure that businesses can weather any storm that it encounters in the future. From a financial standpoint, the business analyst must be able to read the business trends and predict the proper way to financially invest in these emerging markets.

I believe that I am more than qualified to succeed as a business analyst at your good company from a professional standpoint. I have more than adequate training in the field of business and economics from both the London School of Economics and The University of New York. My rigorous training at both notable academic institutions honed my communication, teamwork, and analytical skills using both theoretical and practical applications. My three week intensive seminar on the topic of “Power Markets” covering the American economy and finance from the Oxbridge Learning Academy in New york as a scholar also helped me understand the symbiotic relationship of the world economies.

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My notable internships include but are not limited to my exposure at the following companies: I started my internship career at The Agency of the Republic of Khazakstan for Competition Protection. It was here where I took part in analysis of telecommunication market aimed to discover major monopolists in the field. I immediately followed up that experience with an internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP where I worked with the Clients and Management Team. They entrusted me with the development of various marketing tools for enhancement of the relations with clients. I also helped gather, analyze, and process data for the projects related to the JSC “Samruk Kazyna”. More importantly, I also interned at the Treasury Department of JSC “KazMunaiGas-Refinery and Marketing”. Of particular interest to your company may be the fact that I communicated with high-caliber client-banks to check changes on the main accounts while I Worked on the tables of cash flows of subsidiaries and approved them online so that I could maintain and update payment accounts and registers.

Having gained interesting information about McKinsey&Company during my internships, I developed an intriguing interest in your companys committment to diversity and excellence. My attached CV will go on to prove that I am the epitome of an applicant at your company. My internship experience strongly supports my strong problem solving, analytical, intellectual, and practical abilities.

Being one of the strongest contenders for the position of Business Analyst, I am sure that you will be interested to further learn about my qualifications in person. Please dont hesitate to contact me at your convenience so that we can further discuss my application.

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