McFarlane Toys: The Best of Interactive Marketing.

The company does utilizing many different marketing channels other than the internet. Other channels used by the firm include the press, television, media interviews, and public events. Another extremely important factor that allowed this company to grow was the branding strategy the firm established by showcasing the Spawn series as its backbone. The online experience at the company is one the most impressive features of the company’s marketing strategy. The website has many interactive tools that provide a customized marketing experience for each user. The user can move quickly into area of interest among action figures which includes sporting, comics, and music stars among other. The website has consumer to marketer and marketer to consumer capabilities. It has a message board forum with over 50,000 active users which can utilize the forum as a way to buy and sell Spawn items among themselves.

McFarlene Toys is a company that has enjoyed great success during its business history. The firm exploited an untapped toy market. Currently the company is facing competition from the big players in the industry in their primary business activity which is action figures. The firm needs to diversify into other segments that have the potential to grow. The relationship the company has built with many artist in the music industry can help the firm penetrate new marketplaces. A growth opportunity for the company is mobile technology downloads. This market is currently in its birth stage. The customer base of the company is already a technologically savvy crowd. The company can sell both music downloads and video game downloadable products. All the products would be sold directly by the company through its own corporate Spawn website.

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