McCardell Enterprises.

He knows Mccardell’s Enterprise intensions of wanting to acquire the Johnston International and depending on how I play my cards he might end up letting out the secrets which will have negative legal implications to the company.

If Mr. Jones, in one way or another, manages to share this information with Johnston International of which McCardell Enterprise tends to acquire, it might be legally perceived to be corporate or industrial espionage which will compromise McCardell’s Enterprise legal position Industrial or economic espionage takes place in two major forms. The main purpose of espionage is to collect knowledge about an organization. It may sometime involve the acquisition of intellectual property, such as information on the manufacturing procedure, techniques, ideas processes, formulas and recipes.

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Or it could include operational information or sequestration of proprietary, such as that on customer datasets, marketing, pricing, sales, research and development, prospective bids,policies, marketing strategies or planning and the change in compositions and locations of production. In this regard, I think that Mr. Jones might be an espionage agent who is spying for McCardell’s Competitors like J.E. Smith & Sons (Nasheri, 2005). He could be another spying agent working for a different company who wants to find out the amount of details that my department knows about the companies that we intend to acquire. It will therefore be important for me to share this information with the CEO in order to determine his position on this issue (John, 2009).

One of the most efficient method to collect information and data, which Mr. Jones might be employing, is by infiltrating the ranks of your enemy. The spying agent can bring back all manner and sorts of vital information that concerns the strength and size of the competitor (Walker, 2011).

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