Mazda Positioning a Product Line

Mazda Positioning a Product Line. But over years companies have recognized the importance of being closer to the customers. Marketers identified the importance of emphasizing the process of communication and the channels used for communicating. This led to the emergence of IMC. IMC is all about strengthening the relationship of the brand with the consumers. This is where communication plays the lead role. (Karthik, 2003) Marketing communication is aimed at retaining customers than to acquire customers. A more advanced form involves selecting customers whereby the most prospective customers are identified. (Smith & Taylor, 2004) The importance of marketing communication is evident from the way marketers and management experts view the advertisement. There was a period when advertisements were criticised and portrayed as a social evil. But nowadays, companies approach advertising as a long-term investment. (Stanley, 1992)

This marketing report is aimed at analyzing the product positioning efforts done by Mazda. The case is analyzed in detail in the report. The main intention of the report is to study and analyze the various IMC concepts used by Mazda in the various product positioning efforts.

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Mazda Positioning a Product Line
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The new marketing effort was a very big challenge for the company because it involved changing the total customer perception of a product. Television ads are one of the most effective tools of IMC. The&nbsp.Internet is another powerful tool for marketing. (Richards & Brown, 2006) A company that intends to establish or re-establish a brand can depend usually on these prominent sources of advertising. (Shimp, 2007)

It is necessary that the advertisement should be appealing to the target audience. An ad that is targeted at a particular group should contain those message and information that are appealing to them. Mazda’s intention of re-branding Protégé was to position it as a car for young enthusiasts. Women usually spend a&nbsp.lot of time in front of the&nbsp.TV. This was the reason why Mazda chose to use the&nbsp.TV for the new Protégé ad. Mazda wanted to place the car in the minds of the customers as a car that can be used for hang out and also for fun drive.

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