Materials and Manufacturing Process

Need help with my writing homework on Materials and Manufacturing Process Selection: Brake Disc Design. Write a 2000 word paper answering; The most critical component of a vehicle system is the brake system. Keen attention needs to be paid during the analysis of a vehicle brake system. Without a properly designed brake system, the passengers will be in a very dangerous position. Therefore, for the purposes of the safety of the passengers and the vehicle, all the vehicles must be equipped with properly designed brake systems. The paper will also look at general calculations involving operations of the brake discs. Parameters such as shear forces, normal forces, and piston forces will be calculated based on different materials suitable for brake discs. The main objective of this research is to study the possible improvements that can be undertaken on the existing brake discs. The paper is supposed to inform the King Swan Multinational Engineering Firm on such possible improvements.

The brake disc is a wheel in a vehicle braking system. The main function of the brake disc is to slow down or stop a vehicle in motion. It achieves this function by slowing down the rotation of the vehicle’s wheel through frictional force between the brake pad and the wheel. The brake pads are pushed towards the brake disc with the help of calipers. The brake disc, also known as rotors in American English, is normally made of cast iron. In some cases, composites materials such as ceramics matrix or reinforced carbon-carbon composites. The disc is then connected to the vehicle’s wheel and the axle. In order to stop the wheel, frictional materials known as brake pads are mounted onto another component known as brake calipers. The use of disc brakes was discovered in England in the early 1890s. (Baker, 2012). The first brake calipers were discovered by William Fredrick in his Birmingham, United Kingdom firm. This caliper was first used on Lanchester cars. The disc brakes relatively provide better stopping performances as compared to drum wheels. This is because brake discs can easily be cooled. The brake discs are composed of cast-iron discs, which are bolted onto the hub of the wheel and housings known as calipers.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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Materials and Manufacturing Process
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