Marx on capitalism and communism

Many communism forms rely on the opinions of Karl Marx to formulate their basis of existence, such as the Trotskyism, Leninism, and luxemburgism. Despite the existence of the Marxist communism ideological establishments, there exist non-Marxist establishments such as the anarchist and Christian communism (Lansford, 2008). The political goal of communism is to form a future social organization despite criticism of its primitivism.

By the communist ideology, Karl Marx states that the transformation of the society from the capitalist state to the communist state could not happen at once. This means that the conversion required transitional time. This represents the definition of Karl Marx’s revolutionary dictatorship that has since remained a theoretical fact. The trend that communists refer to is the political regime that claims to be as dictatorial as explained by Karl Marx. These theoretical ideologies represent the 19th century motivation by the Socialist parties to reform capitalism.

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Marx on capitalism and communism
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The Russian Revolution prompted many socialist parties to shift from the socialist state to the communist state. This inclination solidified after the World War II, with the strong Eastern Europe communism shift influencing the formation of the People’s Republic of China, by the Communist Party of China. Most of the countries that benefited, embraced communism after World War II. The countries included Mozambique, Laos, North Korea, Cuba, Angola and North Vietnam. This trend revolutionized the world, with one third of the global countries declaring their communist state in the 1980s.

The relationship between socialism and capitalism is important in understanding the belief that explains Karl Marx’s vision of the collapse of capitalism. This relationship opened up the socialist ideology dividing it into smaller pieces. The fundamentalist forms of socialism define their outright opposition to capitalism.

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