Marriage, families and relationships; making choices in a diverse society

Need help with my writing homework on Marriage, families and relationships; making choices in a diverse society. Write a 500 word paper answering; Marriage, Families, and Relationships Marriage, Families, and Relationships Question People should strive to live together before marriage. The longest time in which a couple can stay together before marriage is four years. This period is long enough to ensure that they are creating the right avenue of decision making (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2012). Some argue that living together can decrease the chances of a divorce. Moreover, a person can know his or her spouse more and find out if they can manage living with them in the long run. Through this arrangement, they are capable of knowing if the relationship can stand the test of time. Those arguing against cohabitation say that it does not particularly lead to marriage. People stay together and lose focus on the right thing to do after staying together for too long. Another reason is the low quality of life. They believe that, lives of couples living together cannot be compared to those of married couples.

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Marriage, families and relationships; making choices in a diverse society
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There is an increase in the number of Americans who are unmarried because of a number of reasons. One of the chief explanations is that, the career choices taken by many individuals today are demanding (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2012). Time taken to concentrate on the right thing to do with regards to career limits the time taken to have a family. This is considered one of the main reasons as to why people remain unmarried in modern society. Another reason could be the demise of a partner or unfaithfulness. These factors can cause people to make the choice of remaining alone, instead of suffering the heartache of losing someone. Moreover, the preferred lifestyle of choice prevents many people from committing to marriage. The sense of responsibility among people today is not as it used to be long ago. People tend to remain unmarried since the thought of responsibility does not appeal to the modern person.

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Not everyone who has children wants to have them. There are some pressures that society places on individuals to have children in order to fit in this setting (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2012). One of the social pressures that ensure people have children is, to create the setting they grew up around as children. When people grow up, the urge to create and develop something similar to what they had as children tends to overwhelm people. This leads to the formation of a family, complete with a wife and children. People also have children so that they can feel immortal. They tend to think that they go on living through their children after death, or old age. In many societies, it is seen as a sign of strength. Children usually seal the deal between married couples. Couples are urged to finalise the promise of marriage through children.

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The American society is not antinatalist. This is not with all the attention they put into caring for children in modern society. Pregnant women receive the most care and attention during their pregnancies. The advancement in technology ensures that everyone is safe during pregnancy. Society is ready and willing to welcome children to their community. However, claims that the American society is antinatalist arise because of the demand created when bringing up a child (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2012). The system demands a lot of funds in order to suitably care for the family. There are cases where pregnant women are fired since employers do not want to pay expectant mothers while they are on maternity leave.

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My parents had two children. They never gave a reason for this number of children. It was never in my place to ask why I did not have any younger brothers or sisters. I plan on having two children. This is because they seem like a manageable number and the financial implications of having this sizeable amount are not immense.


Lamanna, M. A., & Riedmann, A. (2012). Marriage, families, and relationships: ma

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