Markets and politics

The rule is the FDA rule “natural” on food labels. Provide me the following;  Only comments from authoritative interest groups or well-respected community members should be considered.  

●      Discussion of Three Comments For Intervention, supported by the comments from the various groups. In this section, you’ll be answering, but are not limited to, the following questions:

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Markets and politics
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o      What are the arguments that these interest groups are making?

o      What evidence, logical or factual, supports their argument?

o      Are there less obvious motivations for these groups to speak out, such as seeking to create a competitive advantage or avoiding the costs of finding a product that matches their preferences?

o      Are the concerns registered in the comments logical, viable, and geared toward the public?

●      Discussion of Three Comments Against Intervention: Addressing the same questions as mentioned above, but with interest groups who are against government intervention.

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