Marketing Success.

There can be high value created by the product for target consumers in terms of quality and price. Hygiene is an important factor in any form of consumption which will be maintained in the bottled water products. On the other hand, it will be affordable for all income groups and will eliminate the risk associated with consuming normal water. Value creation will also be done by not creating any negative impact on the environment.

Marketing mix comprises of four important elements such as product, price, promotion, and place. The product majorly represents mineral water which will be passed through various stages so as to ensure its level of quality. The packaging of the product will be dependent on prices as there will be bigger sized bottles, medium sized bottles, and small sized bottles. Prices of the product will vary from $3 to $6. Low prices will be a unique selling proposition for the bottled water. The product will be manufactured in factories which will be then stored in nearby warehouses. There will be third-party logistic systems utilized to transport bottled water products to respective retailers. These retailers will then promote the bottled water products in their stores so that it can reach the end users. The promotion will be done through traditional media such as TV, newspapers, radio, etc. Along with that social media will also be used to promote the product so that message of “pure water” can be communicated across the large base of customers. Each of these elements will contribute towards product success as they all highlight the quality assurance of product along with its low prices.

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The packaging waste is a major area of concern for these bottled water products. It can be stated that this can have a major impact on product sales. 

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