Marketing strategy of colgate-palmolive.

Apart from toothpaste the industry also produces toothbrushes, dental floss and mouth wash. The aim of these products is to sensitize individuals on the best practice of protecting the germ and to maintain good oral hygiene at all times.

The toothbrushes have been changed frequently in terms of shape, size, color and the texture of the bristles in order to satisfy customers’ needs. Apart from satisfying customers, there is a need to remain competitive among others, for example, Oral-B, Close-up, etc. who have also entered the market. At first, people used to buy any kind of product without caring about the benefits but as competition became more aggressive, companies advertised the benefits of the products they supply. This made consumers become aware of the different types of oral health products and mostly went for Colgate as it focused on healthy gums, hygiene and the protection of the cavity.

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Marketing strategy of colgate-palmolive.
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These promotions made Colgate Company that was founded by William Colgate become popular to all. Instead of concentrating on soaps and perfumes that they had at first they focused mostly on producing toothpaste. According to Stanley and John (2009) in the year 1992, the Company became the market leader in the production of both household goods and oral health care products and was making 20 percent of sales which were increasing annually. Their marketing strategy for the production of toothbrushes aimed at producing superior quality and one that removes plaque which was also technically improved. Other products produced such as Colgate Herbal White that was introduced in 2002 was specifically meant for those who believe in using herbal products. It is of high quality and its ingredients include eucalyptus, mineral, and lemon that were included to ensure the brightening of teeth. In its packaging, the managers introduced a green pack which was to stress on its herbal ingredients. This package also attracts consumers as the writings are in white.

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