Marketing Strategy for Tourism and Hospitality: Euro Disney.

I will pay for the following article Marketing Strategy for Tourism and Hospitality: Euro Disney. The work is to be 22 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Instead of scrutinizing and learning from its potential customers, Euro Disney chose to rely on assumptions, which resulted in more problems due to a lack of objectivity. The decisions made by the company went against them as the consumer preferences of the locals conflicted with the American style and culture of life. The customers developed a negative perception. The company has therefore undergone numerous difficulties which have derailed its growth though some aspects of economic nature also have contributed. The weaknesses of the company such as terrorism warrant new strategies to ensure survival. High spending on promotional methods such as advertising ought to be reduced as it contributes to high prices. Besides, prices of the products offered by Euro Disney should not plummet, rather the quality should be improved to maintain gradual increases. Further, the essay illustrates the consumer behavior, industry trends, and measures or plans the company can adopt to improve its operation. The proposed new company marketing strategy will enable it too develops the operation by expanding the business so as to allow it to gain a competitive advantage.

Euro Disney (Disneyland Paris) is a tourist attraction resort located in Paris, France that was established in 1992 by Disneyland after the successes of its counterparts mainly in the USA. Conventionally, it is the most toured park in Europe due to its strategic location and is regarded as one of the most entertaining tourist attractions in France (Tian-yuan, 2004, pg. 18). Euro Disney is classified under the accommodation and recreational parks sector in the well-known tourism industry. Accommodation is one of the leading and greatest growing sectors in the tourism trade mainly attributable to the fact that the demand for lodging is extending past conventional reasons. namely conferences in summer and skiing in winter.

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Marketing Strategy for Tourism and Hospitality: Euro Disney.
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