Marketing strategies of low cost airlines in europe.

 Marketing strategies of low cost airlines in europe. In the second section, the cross tabulations have been created to relate different questions and variables. The independent variables in this case are five including short distance, direct flights, affordable transport, number of flights per day and affordable hotels. Since I have found that these are the four major attractions for the people traveling in low cost airlines therefore, they are the independent variables. The dependent variable is the sales of the tickets of each low cost airline.

The following table describes the result of question that do people prefer to travel with low cost airlines. In the survey 77 people out of 120 claimed that they would prefer travelling in low cost airlines. However, out of 120, 43 people stated that they do not go for low cost airlines. It means more than 63 percent out of the total sample prefer travelling in low cost carriers, which is a significant percentage.

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 Marketing strategies of low cost airlines in europe.
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Out of 120 individuals, 83 belonged to the age group of 19-25 and 35 belong to the age group of 25-45. On the other hand, only 2 persons fall in age group 45-65. Therefore, majority were professionals and students.

Since the survey sample consist of 120 individuals belonging to different professions therefore, following table shows the description of their occupations. 38 respondents are professionals, 32 have managerial occupation and remaining respondents have other occupations (students).

The following table shows why people are attracted by the low cost airlines. It is interesting to note that out of 120 respondents, 37 argued that short distance attracts them to travel in low cost airline. On the other hand, 36 argued that they are attracted to fly in these airlines because of their direct flights, 35 go for these airlines because of affordable transport. The major attractions for these people are short distance, direct flights and affordable prices.

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