Marketing strategies.

MARKETING STRATEGIES The are various types of marketing strategies discussed in this among the marketing strategies utilized by Equal include. promotion, positioning and pricing marketing strategies during the 1980’s. Promotion strategies entail a combination of several marketing techniques to attract customers to use and to continue using you products at any time they need it. In can be observed that Equal developed strong advertising strategy that exceeded all its competitors in the industry. For example in 1988, Equal spends twenty five billion dollars on advertisement while Sweet’n Low’s spend only five million. Equal also used pricing strategies to market its products. It has been reported that Equal priced its product 3 times more than its competitors in order to recover the higher branding cost it incurred as well as to attract customers through unique pricing strategies (Buss, p.193).

On the contrary, Sweet’n Low’s utilize advertisement strategies brand positioning marketing strategies. It can be observed that Sweet’n Low’s had created a unique brand image before and after the introduction of Equal. In addition, Sweet’n Low’s utilized promotion-marketing strategies. It has been reported that Sweet’n Low’s had spend 5 million on adverting. However, Sweet’n Low’s relied heavily on brand positioning strategies to market its products.

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2. The product-line branding strategies of Cumberland and Nutra Sweet in 1990’s may be described in various ways. It can be observed that Cumberland used Brand extension strategy by launching a new multipurpose product called Sweet One. This product could be used as both a baking and a sweetener. In addition, Cumberland used the blue color similar to the one used by Nutra Sweet to package its products. On the other hand, Nutra Sweet used extended product-line branding strategies by maintaining the existing product and making additional innovations to attract more consumers (Buss, p.193).

3. (a). Based on the evidence provided, I think the market of tabletop artificial sweetener is at maturity stage in the product life cycle. This is because at this stage a promotion may be required to help the product to become differentiated from those of other competitors. Moreover, additional features may be added to enhance the product quality and differentiate it from that offered by the competitors in the market. In addition, the company is should lower the prices of its products to attract more customers. Further, the company is encouraged to utilize both intensive and incentive distribution strategies to survive in a competitive market (Buss, p.193).

3. (b). Based on your on my answer in question 3a, marketing strategies and programs may changes in various ways in the mid-of 1990’s. It can be observed that during the mid-1990, the products were at growth stage in the product life cycle. Therefore, the marketing strategies may change whereby, the firm may work hard to enhance quality as well as add additional features on the product in order to increase the market share of the products. In addition, the firm should create more distribution channels to meet the expanding customer’s demands. Under this stage, promotion may be carried out as well as maintain product prices because the firms tend to face less competition (Buss, p.193).

4. If Nutra Sweet wanted to expand sales drastically to a new overseas market, I would recommend Nutra Sweet to give Equal brand the first priority because it has the ability to acquire a large market share and can derive more returns than Nutra Sweet brand (Buss, p.193).

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Buss.D.Cumberland Packaging: Marketing Strategy in the Tabletop Artificial Sweetener Market. Web.20.07.

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