Marketing Sales Caae Analysis.

I will pay for the following article Marketing Sales Caae Analysis. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. According to the company’s executive vice president of sales, what adds to the problem is the drain on the district managers’ time. With the quick turnover of sales people, the district managers’ have to constantly go through the recruitment procedure all over again, depriving them of time to spend on working on their districts. Salespeople are already complaining that their managers are spending very limited time with them, which is also the reason for the high turnover because new hires are left to fend for themselves right after training Moreover, training is not centralized. Training is conducted by district which at worst may mean that ten trainees are being trained by ten managers, a costly and inefficient process. Moreover, the district managers have not really been trained or prepared to handle recruitment, so screening and interviewing depend on individual methods employed by the district managers which may not be correct and appropriate and may be a contributing cause to the high turnover.

To address these issues, the job goals set for Al Kantak, the new field sales employment manager are to decrease the cost per hire. to establish a uniform recruitment program. to increase the quality of new hires. to reduce the amount of time managers spend recruiting. decrease the number of vacant territory days per year. and eliminate the dependence on recruitment agencies. Al Kantak’s initial assessment was to come up with a five-year plan where at the end of five years, all the goals set would have been accomplished. However, the plan will also include major results in a few years within the 5-year timeframe. Due to the large volume of recruits needed, Al would be primarily targeting college campuses across the United States.

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