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Need help with my writing homework on Marketing Research assignment 4. Write a 250 word paper answering; Lecturer: Marketing Research: Marginal Error Should “margin of error” still be used in reporting polls, should its meaning or scope be broadened, or should additional qualifications be added to show that poll results are fallible?

Margin of error should still be used in reporting polls regardless of whether people understand it or not. Polls have never had 100% representation or by the participants or analysis. There is always an error due to many processes that the analytical stage goes through. To this regard, the scope ought to be broadened. if broadened, it would make sure that the information obtained is accurately recorded without the error itself having an error (Interactive). For instance, it would put in place inclusion of calculation errors, wording of the questions for effective responses, weighting and sampling errors. In this case, there would be both public and professional understanding of the terms.

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In your own words, explain what margin if error is

Margin of error therefore is a radius of confidence where a statistical data from a survey relies on. This means that the marginal error is a center of information in which case there might be a higher or lower relative information. When a sample percentage is presented, a slot can be reduced on the actual value of 100% to 97% so that the 3% becomes the value of the error due to many procedures.

Suggest another sampling poll Harris Interactive might conduct that would clarify an important topic or assumption in market research

The company can conduct a probability sampling. In this regard, each member of the target has a non-zero probability of inclusion in the sample. Here the information is unbiased because the information produced would relatively be expected to adhere to strict statistical analysis to avoid bigger errors. The sampling error considerable here is the measurable sampling error expressed as a confidence level. This means that there is a high reduction in the errors realized (Rea and Parker).


Interactive, Harris. Margin of Error, When Used by Pollsters, Is Widely Misunderstood and Confuses Most People . 13 November 2007. 19 February 2014 .

Rea, Louis M. and Richard A. Parker. Designing and Conducting Survey Research: A Comprehensive Guide. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2012.

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