Marketing Plan Guidelines

I need a detailed business to business rebranding marketing plan on Best Buy for business.

Marketing Plan Guidelines1. You will complete an analysis of the company you selected related to their B2B strategy. It is your responsibility to develop a “re-branding” strategy for your selected company that should consist of the following components: 1. An overview of the company, its products and its markets (1 page)i. Who you are, what business are you in and what markets do you serve 2. B2B Goals and Objectives (1 page)i. Introduce your company, its products and services to new and existing markets 3. Define your Target Markets (1 page)i. Geography, demographics, size and industry 4. Initial Marketing Assessment (1 page) i. Review your company’s current marketing materials and activities ii. Review your company’s current B2B marketing channels iii. Review your company’s strengths and weaknesses vs. your competitors 5. Define Current Business Problems (1 to 2 pages) i. What are the short, medium and long-term issues? ii. Determine your company’s problems from a customer centric perspective iii. Which problem or problems are most critical to be addressed and why? 6. Outline Proposed Solutions / Re-Branding (1 to 2 pages)i. What are your short, medium and long-term solutions? ii. Formulate these solutions from a customer centric perspective.

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Marketing Plan Guidelines
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