Marketing Plan: GTM Bids.

Economic, political, ecological and legal factors also come to play in defining the company’s success in the market.

GTM Bids is an upcoming company focused on tendering services in the UAE. The company has undergone tremendous changes in the last few decades which have allowed it to become a great commercial center with an active and broad economy. GTM Bids is a construction company interested basically with the construction tenders offered within the UAE. However, the company finds difficulty in growing its market within the region and even extend beyond the borders due to lack of enough expertise and skilled manpower. Business success within GTM Bids is affected by its internal and external environment within the UAE construction market and industry (Behery, 2011, p. 25).

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Marketing Plan: GTM Bids.
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GTM Bids has established itself within the UAE construction market. This has caused it to have an enhanced image within the market. The company’s partnership with well-known international recruitment agencies has allowed it to be supplied with the best experts in the construction work.

The company’s project proposals are not written up to standard leading to their disqualification in the award of the major tenders. In addition, the company has not adequately adopted and implemented information technology as an effective way of facilitating business activities and complying with the market changes (Kargwell and Inguva, 2012, p. 203).

GTM Bids has business opportunities related to further expansion in the local construction market and later penetration to the international market. The company also has an opportunity of extending its recruitment systems beyond the UAE. This will allow it to get the most skilled human resources that will take part in the execution of the projects that are awarded it (Aljifri and Khasharmeh, 2006, p. 506).

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