Marketing Plan

Running head: Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan
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Student A. Sample

Grand Canyon University: MGT 660


Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

A one page summary of the entire report.  Make sure to include any conclusions that you make.


Brief description of product or service including strategic goals, sales and figures.

Target             Market

What is your target market?

What is the size of your potential target market?

Situation Analysis

Company: Focus, goals, strengths, weaknesses, market share.

Customers: Number, type, motivation, decision processes.

Competition: Market position, strengths, weaknesses, market share.

Collaborators: Joint ventures, subsidiaries, distributors.


Strengths/weaknesses, opportunities/threats.

Market Segments/Marketing Strategy

Description of each product line, percentage of total of sales, customer wants, competitive positioning. The 4 P’s….

Product: Name, quality, size, packaging and warranty.

Price: Strategy for volume.

Place: Distribution channels.

Promotion: Advertising

Long and Short Term Financial Projections

Include financial plans and results and time line.


Summary of plan


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