Marketing Mix in Gucci Fashion Brand.

The Gucci is the largest fashion brand found in Italia. Therefore, based on the marketing mix, the discussion below gives the case study of the Gucci Fashion Brand (Benbow- Pfalzgraf 2002, p.58).

The manner and the activities the firm does to promote its products are referred to as the marketing mix. In other words, the marketing mix is the tactic a firm uses to promote or advertise its products in the market. The marketing mix involves the product, price, place, and promotion. referred to as the 4Ps. However, more other aspects have been incorporated into the 4Ps (Bergh, &Behrer2013, p.39). These include the positioning, which refers to the geographical positioning of the firm, or the general outlook, packaging of the products, political effects and the people involved (Bowman, &Gatignon 2010, p. 98). The main importance of the marketing mix is that the Ps influences each other and it results in expansion and flourishing of the business if the 4Ps work together. In case the Ps do not work together, it can result in the collapse of the business. The marketing mix requires a lot of marketing research to be incorporated, it also entails a lot of understanding among the practitioners, and finally, it involves a lot of business consultations between the practitioners and the manufactures and also several others (Boxwell1994, p.71).

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In 1921, the leather and Label Firm started as a small luggage store. Working in a hotel in London equippedGuccio Gucci with English language and hence he could be able to handle the customers. The Gucci Fashion Brands expanded rapidly and it resulted in the opening of a boutique in Rome. Guccio designed all the products of the firm, and in 1947, he designed the Bamboo bag. The Bamboo bag became the icon product of the Gucci.

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