Marketing Implementation, Evaluation and Control, and Monitoring Procedure.

This paper illustrates that KFC is a functional marketing organization. In KFC stores, each and every activity is grouped on the basis of function. All the functions in the KFC are sub-divided into different sub-functions. All the sub-functions are supervised by the different managers and all those managers are controlled by the marketing manager of the company. In the last 11 years, KFC has sponsored all the Twenty20 international cricket tournaments in Australia. For the last 5 years, the organization was the main sponsored by the Australian Big Bash. In between 1998 to 2000, the organization was significantly related to the different gaming and entertainment related companies. During this time KFC US tied up with Game Freak, Nintendo, and 4 Kids Entertainment. In the last 16 years, Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation has fulfilled different responsibilities. Starting from 2006 to 2012 the organization has continued with Colonel’s Scholars program. In this program, the organization awarded $12.5 million educational grants. This responsible activity awarded scholarships to almost 500 brilliant students in the US. Since 2005 to 2013 the organization has donated almost 200,000 meals whenever any disaster struck the US. Sponsoring Twenty20 International in Australia has been significantly successful for the organization. This sponsorship has helped the growth of the company in Australia and it also has sparked the business growth in neighboring New Zealand. Overall performance standards are satisfactory and the company is considering continuing with it. The decision to tie up with the different gaming companies has increased the popularity of the brand among the children and youth. In the case of this activity also the company maintained superior performance standard. Colonel’s Scholarship program and donation of meals impacted the minds of the US people. Citizens of the country were emotionally attached to all these programs.

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Marketing Implementation, Evaluation and Control, and Monitoring Procedure.
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