Marketing Essentials For Kleenex

The Kimberly-Clark Corporation was founded in 1872 initially as a paper mill running business and has risen to become a top universal competitor in the market of paper goods. The company deals mainly with customer products which are paper based under a variety of brands such as Depend, Huggies, Scott, Kotex, Pull-Ups and Kleenex. The corporation has also extended into a worldwide Health and Hygiene market and provides a range of tissue and personal care products, and has also obtained a significantly profitable market share strongly attributed to their customer loyalty and strong trademark acknowledgment.

In the year 2009, the corporation incurred a total of 19 billion dollars income. Furthermore, it is responsible for 3.3% of special paper products market only coming as a second in the world market. The mission of the company clearly states that it is focused on offering its customers with varieties of quality tissue and personal care products at affordable prices while also offering several career opportunities for workers and maintainable increase and profits to shareholders (Kimberly-Clark Reviews 2010). The company also recognizes the trip sized paper products sector as a good market which is deficient of distinct competitors. The Kleenex Germ Away is a product which market strategies will be analyzed accordingly in the paper and how to maximize the sales in the sector. Introduction Kimberly-Clark Company is a company which deals with the production of personal products. During the early days of its establishment, it manufactured a broad range of paper goods from wrapping paper, magazine grades, and books to newsprint. As the century progressed, the company had implemented conventional but dependable investment plans which had turned it into the biggest Midwestern paper company Current Company Situation The organization has been able to achieve a desirable but exceptional accomplishment in marketing through creating the trademarked brand identity names tantamount with the household goods in the minds of clients. Kleenex is one of the products which were made for consumers and the company uses catchy advertisements to target a large client base. Needing to blow or clean one’s nose, a customer could request for Kleenex tissues and safely anticipate to be given a disposable handkerchief. The company also produces other products apart from Kleenex such as Kotex and huggies (Heinrich & Batchelor 2004). Growth Outcomes The main challenge which was facing the company during its earlier yeas of founding was how to sustain a competitive advantage. The company devoted a total of $400 million in equipment, other programs and plants during this period. The company has managed to be the envy of other companies since the performance increased to that of a financially desirable business. Financial analysis K-C is a universal hygiene and health company providing special care and customer tissue products such as Scott, Kotex, Depend, Pull-ups, Huggies, Scott and Kleenex. In the financial year of 2010, it recorded income of $19,746 million which was a growth of 3.3% from the previous financial year 2009 (Lindsay, Perkins, & Karanjikar 2009). Income growth is credited to a boost in the volume of sales, improvement in product combination and net selling prices. In the financial year of 2010, the company’s operating profit was $2,773 which had decreased by 1.8% when matched up with 2009. However, in the same financial year, it had a net profit of $1,843 which, when matched up against the year 2009, was a 2.2% decline. Figure 1: Graph showing the recent performance of K-C (Dylan 2011) Mission Statement K-C has held fast to a set of uncomplicated yet insightful principles implemented by the founders- service, fair dealing and quality. These three are the regulations of achievement by which the employees and leadership are deliberated.

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Marketing Essentials For Kleenex
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