The book documented eight avenues of communication within the marketing process. Advertising includes any paid promotions in print, broadcast, network, or display media. Sales promotion include steps taken by a company to have consumers try or purchase a product. This includes consumer, trade, and sales force promotions. Events and experiences include activities that interact customers with the product. Public relations include activities to promote the individual product or the company as a whole. Online and social media marketing include all electronic efforts to connect customers with the product or brand. Mobile marketing relates to advertisements geared towards smart phones and tablets. Direct and database marketing are communications aimed at a particular group of customers in an attempt to generate interest in a product. Personal selling is any direct or face-to-face sales attempts with groups or individual customers to generate sales.


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Jason and all, 

Great points. While advertising and public relations are different and need to be approached in their own way, the two when integrated into a marketing campaign can be very powerful. The integration of multiple marketing media including advertising, public relations, and other communications into a marketing campaign can reap even greater benefit and produce a larger return. 

What marketing campaigns come to mind that have integrated PR and other marketing media? What worked? what didn’t?

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