Marketing Communications campaign

 The group of forty people are managed by a team of experts in the company that help in the production of attractive programs which in turn help the company draw effective charities from the larger society. The people that constitute the company belong to both the disabled and young people groups that are trained by the concern to render quality drama and theatre programs to help entertain the public and draw charities for the larger cause. Scripts for the above programs are written and scripted by eminent authors and through proper management and enthusiasm rendered by the management group the people in the organisation gains confidence in performing in the society (Razed Roof, n.d.). The paper herein tends to focus on the designing of effective communication plan for gaining a larger amount of charities from an enhanced marketplace. A Context Analysis Current Awareness Level of Razed Roof in Harlow Awareness about the charitable organization, Razed Roof is high in the Harlow area where the councillor of the region, Sue Livings focuses on helping in drawing large amount of charitable funds from the locality. The councillor states that drawing in large funds from the locality would help the organization in effectively gaining in resources for training the disabled people to perform productively in the functions and performances organised. Moreover the councillor also endeavours to enhance the awareness level of the organisation among large sections of people belonging to different income categories in the region (Harlow Council, n.d.). The significant awareness of the charitable organization in the Harlow area can be traced from the posting made in the online magazine ‘EverytingHarlow’ on 7th June, 2011. It is stated that the performing arts organization, Razed Roof is one of the shortlisted concerns to gain the benefit of the national awards in producing the ‘best art’ campaign that in turn amounts to a large lottery for the organization. Enhancement of the awareness of the charitable organization is being conducted by the local MP of the Harlow area, Mr. Robert Halfon by inviting large number of localities to render their vote in favour of the performing arts organisations, Razed Roof. These level of activities conducted in the Harlow area signify the mass awareness of the charitable organization in the stated region (EverythingHarlow, 2011). Further a chronology of volunteering events in the Harlow area reflects the amount of charitable funds gained by Razed Roof. During 2011 the group received a volunteer support of around 25,000 Pounds from Heritage Lottery organisation. Similarly during 2010 the charitable organization gained a fund support of around 10,000 Pounds donated by voluntary services rendered by Big Lottery group. In 2007 the organization received a volunteer support of around 19,750 Pounds that was donated by the Arts Council of England. In 2006 also the Council for Arts in England worked to donate a fund amounting to 15,000 Pounds to Razed Roof organization in regards to funding for a program.

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Marketing Communications campaign
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