Marketing and PR: Visitor Marketing Plan

I will pay for the following article Marketing and PR: Visitor Marketing Plan. The work is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Given the competitive situation of the outdoor events industry, the Al Fresco Show 2010 should be able to adopt strategies that would lead to a successful campaign for 2010, meeting the event objectives:

Al Fresco, to be able to establish and maintain itself as a leading event in the outdoors industry, should be able to differentiate its product and service offer. This will be done through the following strategies:

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Marketing and PR: Visitor Marketing Plan
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Attendees to the event will feel at home, relaxed, welcomed, and comfortable. Organizers and exhibitors will have to ensure that they are able to extend some personal touch when dealing with customers and that they are able to respond quickly to any special or specific needs of customers. This is to avoid customers from getting intimidated or having some fear or anxiety which might be experienced by first-time visitors. Being familiar with and knowing customers intimately will also prove to be a useful strategy in ensuring loyalty and repeat attendance for future events.

Attendees, especially repeat customers, should be able to see new and innovative products and services, or new adventure experiences that would enhance customer utility. It should be able to outperform competitors’ products and even outperform its own products that were offered in previous events. Exhibitors should be able to improve and do more than what was offered the preceding years. New products, new service, new experience must be launched during the event.

Al Fresco Show 2010, therefore, will have to establish and maintain its present market leadership position by organizing its business better, knowing its customer better, and consistently offering better experiences to its target market or event attendees. Given these challenges, organizers should, therefore, strive to achieve the following:

– covers the breadth of outdoor activities, made up of four sub shows to include outdoors, water sports, adventure travel, and adventure sports. It also includes mini shows and&nbsp.clinics for surfing, photography, mountain biking and rambling.

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