Answer the question

1 What is marketing? Discuss fully target market.

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2 Discuss fully

the Controllable Factors and Uncontrollable Factors.


Chapter 2

3 Define the two types of organizations. Identify and discuss fully the 3 levels of an organization.

4 Define Core Values and give some examples from the BP case. Define fully Mission and give an example.    

5 Identify and explain fully the 4 Growth Market Product Strategies.

6. Identify and explain fully the BCG Matrix.


Chapter 4

7 Explain fully the difference between Ethical & Legal behavior. Discuss moral idealism and utilitarianism. 

8 Explain fully what is meant by social responsibility. Identify and explain the 3 Concepts of Social Responsibility. What is a social audit and the 5 steps? 

9 What role does sustainable development play in Starbucks’approach to social responsibility (SR) and the 3 concepts of social responsibility? Discuss the 3 concepts of social responsibility.


Chapter 5

10 Identify and discuss fully the 5 Stage Decision Process.

11 Discuss fully High Involvement Purchases. Give 2 examples of purchases that for you are high involvement.

12 Explain fully Selective Exposure, Selective Comprehension, and Selective Retention.

13 How does understanding consumer behavior help Best Buy grow dramatically?  What is an advantage and disadvantage of customer centricity at Best Buy?

Chapter 8

14 What is marketing research? Define the 3 main types: exploratory, descriptive, and causal.

15 Identify and define the 5 steps of marketing research.

17 Explain the difference between internal and external secondary data. Discuss fully the advantages and disadvantages of secondary data.

18 What is the difference between primary data and secondary data? What is questionnaire data? What are focus groups?

Chapter 9

19 What is market segmentation? What are the criteria for forming segments?

20 Discuss the 4 bases for segmentation. Identify and discuss the criteria for selecting segments.

Chapter 19

21 What is the difference between reach and frequency? What is CPM?

22 What are the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor advertising? What are the advantages and disadvantages of tv advertising? What are the advantages and disadvantages of magazine advertising?

23 What are the objectives, advantages, and disadvantages of coupons, samples, and point of purchase displays?

24 Discuss public relations and publicity tools.

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