Market Entry Proposal of Xiaomi in a country you choose

The growth of Xiaomi in its native China is extraordinary and now strategizes on extending its tentacles into the United Kingdom market. Information provided flurry, a mobile measurement and advertising company, Xiaomi is providing a serious threat to the stability of Apple in both the Asian and Chinese market. Based on this success, the company has ambitious plans to penetrate fully into the United Kingdom market and cut its niche. The quantity of Xiaomi installed base of phones continues to increase tremendously quadrupling from half of the last financial year. Xiaomi is now a serious competitor in both the mobile phone and Smartphone industry. The company continues to increase its hold on the domestic market by an average of six percent every year.

To understand the attractiveness of Xiaomi at the national level, a person needs to review the resource-based view that considers the VRIN characteristics. This is a methodology of assessing a business company such as Xiaomi considering its approach strategy. This paper considers the approach strategy applicable to Xiaomi while making entry into the United Kingdom market. Primarily, VRIN describes the company as a bundle of resources (Wilson, 1980, 39). The resources and the mode of combination set the business company apart from the rest in the competition. It takes an inside-outside mechanism of evaluating a business company. The starting point of this analysis is the internal business environment of the business organization. Resources owned by Xiaomi entail all assets, capacities, processes of organization, company attributes, knowledge, and skills. Currently, Xiaomi controls seven percent of the Chinese market considering the fact that this is the largest Smartphone market in the world. This is a new position after overtaking Lenovo and HTC, which dominated this market in the previous two years.

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Market Entry Proposal of Xiaomi in a country you choose
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