Maritial Issues

Marital Issues Paper The purpose of this paper is for you to apply biblical teachings to marital issues.Choose ONE of the three scenarios provided below for this case study. Write a 1,500-word paper in which you consider and discuss the following: INTRODUCTION – 250 WORDS WITH STRONG THESIS STATEMENT BODY OF PAPER – 1,150 WORDS 1. The issues at hand2. Biblical teachings on the issues3. Counseling topics/directives (assume each person is a believer)4. Practical homework assignments for the couplesCONCLUSION – 250 WORDS Choose ONE of the three scenarios provided below for this case study. ScenariosScenario 1: InfidelityBob and Jane have been married 15 years. A few years into their marriage, after children arrived and their focus shifted to life’s many responsibilities, Bob and Jane noticed their intimacy diminish. Bob pursued Jane regularly, but after some time, his efforts seemed fruitless. As this happened, Bob began noticing other women, especially those who dressed provocatively or were flirtatious towards him. Recently, Bob was unfaithful, having an affair with a coworker. Initially, Bob denied he had done anything wrong, citing Jane’s failure to respond to his pursuit of her. However, he has since realized the gravity of his actions, and although he is not entirely repentant, the couple has come to counseling for guidance.Scenario 2: Inability to Have ChildrenJohn and Erin have been married for a little over 8 years. They are both in their mid-30s and for most of their marriage both desired children. They have been trying to have children for 2 years, with no success. Erin desires to pursue fertility treatments while John expresses that he is “tired of trying.” Both are hesitant to pursue adoption, but Erin says she will only consider it if the fertility treatments are not successful. The couple is seeking guidance in the situation from a Christian perspective, particularly whether or not fertility treatments should be considered and if they should pursue the treatments given that John is hesitant.Scenario 3: An Abusive MarriageWill and Mary have been married for 4 years. Mary has always had a bit of a temper, but for the most part she has been able to control her words and actions when angry. Recently, Will has noticed her anger towards him has become harsher than usual and is now directed at him rather than the situation. Last week, Mary became upset when Will was not listening to her; in her anger, she began calling him names and knocked over a table as she was shouting at him. She realizes that she has a problem but is unwilling to admit that anything should be done about it. Will has convinced her, reluctantly, to come with him to counseling to seek advice on how they should handle the situation. Will has expressed concern that her anger could get out of control in the future and is seeking guidance on how he is to respond should that situation arise.Support your position by referencing at least 9 academic resources, including the Bible. Incorporate the research into your writing in an appropriate, scholarly manner.Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

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Maritial Issues
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