Managment and leadership development.

 In order to understand the value of management and leadership development, it is important to go to the roots of why and what makes management and leadership development under focus. Do we have the appropriate environment and systems to develop these Leaders? Why do we need success managers and success leaders? And then what makes success managers and leaders. What sort of influence does early childhood on leader’s success? What critical channel must leaders follow on their Journey to success? How long will take them? What are the life experiences that contribute to leadership success? What must success Managers and great Leaders do exceptionally very well to become and remain outstanding? So is it education? Is it luck? Is it who knows how? Is it chance? …and so on. Years back when we talked about the old management theories such as the Scientific theory of Fredric Taylor and Henri Fayol – The Science Management concept and even Max Webber in Germany with his concept and theories after the II World War as all military soldiers sent to work in the Civil Service offices as Supervisors, Managers and Department Heads. Unfortunately, these were wrong people at wrong jobs as they keep on practicing the Military rules by passing instruction like Father to Son and Supervisor and Subordinate. Such theories in my opinion have not developed effective management and success leaders, because there were no proper management development centre’s or assessment systems such as 360 degree feedback, or key performance indicators (KPI) as of today. 2. Leadership – overview, definition The Common belief that leaders are born has come to be outdated. Continued studies and researches have come to conclusion that leaders are made rather than born. I and based on my analysis, reading and researching belief that yes leaders are made but also are born with certain characteristics, charisma and qualities of proper personalities example if a person is shy, weak, hesitant, negative minded…etc will be difficult to develop him as a leader. Leadership is badly needed for Organizational success, as someone has to take the hard and tough decisions, take responsibilities during crises, lead the way forward. There is a say that one Lion leads thousands of Rabbits better than one Rabbit leads thousands of Lions. Various definitions have been developed for explaining the context of leadership. One of the most known definitions of this type is that of Kotter (1996). In accordance with the above theorist, the leadership should be described as follows: ‘Leadership defines what the future should look like, aligns people with that vision and inspires them to make it happen, despite the obstacles’ (Kotter 1996, p.25 in Wallin 2010, p.26). 3. Theories on leadership Leadership is influencing people to get things done to standard and quality above their norm and doing it willingly. Generally, leadership could be described as follows: lead more, Manage less, empower inspire and energize people and unlock their true potential. Also great leaders make a difference not only to themselves but also to those around them. However great leaders produce great results. In accordance with the theory of Mintzberg, the elements of the leadership can be made clear if the specific framework is explained using a metaphor. in the context of this metaphor, as Mintzberg notes, the leadership should be regarded as an art or craftsmanship (Koivunen et al. 2009, p.169).

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