Managing Projects of Jones Ltd

As part of the company’s expansion plan, Jones Ltd. is about to make its newly purchased building operational. Aside from making use of the same staffing structure at the existing site, Jones Ltd. will invest in new sets of computers and information technology in order to keep the company’s supply chain more up-to-date and efficient. As a newly hired project manager, activities within the specified time frame and budget needed to successfully manage the business expansion plan of Jones Ltd. will be tackled in detail.

As part of the project planning team, a group of IT experts, competitive electrician, and interior designer with ergonomics background will be subcontracted to set-up computers and teach Jones Ltd’s internal stakeholders on how to use the IT system.

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Managing Projects of Jones Ltd
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The main objective of the project is to review and implement strategies for the opening of the trade of the new building. As part of the main objective, proper selection and installation of the IT system should be decided upon by the IT subcontractor and the rest of the internal stakeholders to enhance the supply chain process of Jones Ltd.

A simplified work breakdown structure (WBS) will be used to increase the chances that the IT subcontractor and Jones Ltd’s stakeholders would all agree to the proposed scope of the project. Doing so will make it easier on the part of the project manager to subdivide the projects into smaller components.

After defining WBS, a logical network diagram with an estimated duration will be organized by the team to enable the project manager to easily monitors the specific activities that will take place over a certain period of time. (See Table I – Schedule for Initial Plan below)

Since the warehouse department will be utilizing the use of the IT system, there is a need to cut down on the number of warehouse staff from three down to two. Basically, cutting down the number of warehouse staff will enable the company to save on unnecessary operational costs for manpower.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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