Managing Business Process- Coca Cola.

 Managing Business Process- Coca Cola. Generally, the company global but operates in small scale in each community where the products of the company are sold. The organization is able to have a global impact and reach of its consumers because of the efficient system. The system mainly consists of the bottling partners that total to nearly 300 and the Coca-Cola Company. The Company is responsible for the synthesizing and selling of concentrates, bases and syrups to the bottling partners. It also owns the Coca-Cola brands and is in charge of the marketing initiative. The bottling partners to the company are responsible for packaging, manufacturing, distribution and merchandising of the products to vending partners and customers. The company does not own or control most of the bottling facilities that it works in close relationship with. The bottling partners tend to have a close working relationship with the consumers. The main consumers are stores, street vendors, movie theatres, restaurants and amusement parks. Through the effective system, the company is able to achieve 1.7 billion sales in a day.FEMSA is the largest bottler in the world, the percentage of the company’s Unite Case Volume is 10%, and Coca-Cola Company has 32% ownership of the interest. Hellenic is the second biggest and has a Unit Case Volume of 8%, Coca-Cola has a percentage ownership of 23% of the interests made. Amatil is believed to be the third largest and has a Unit Case Volume of 2%. Coca-Cola has an ownership of 30% of the interest made&nbsp.

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Managing Business Process- Coca Cola.
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