Managing Acute Myeloid Patients.

The disease, among the elderly population, demonstrates isolated characteristics from its effects and response to treatment among young people who demonstrate a better response to treatment. High morbidity rates and treatment side effects have been noted among elderly victims of acute myeloid leukemia. Variation in treatment side effects that is more significant in some patients than in others further identifies the need to investigate characteristics of people in the two categories for a better approach to treatment (Pollyea, Kohrt and Medeiros 524- 540).

&nbsp.The concept of “Invasive fungal diseases” is another challenge to managing conditions of acute myeloid leukemia patients because the infections are significant among the group but a patient’s susceptibility cannot be determined with confidence, a factor that may hinder efficient treatment (Rieger, Huppmann, Peterson, Rieger and Ostermann 94, 95).

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Managing Acute Myeloid Patients.
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&nbsp.Existing information, therefore, identifies treatment side effects and vulnerability to secondary infections. Further, some patients are more vulnerable to the treatments’ adverse effects and secondary infections than others are. The reason for this variability has not been established and this identifies the problem of determining the potential factors that influence hyperactivity to treatments and vulnerability to secondary infections.

&nbsp.The proposed dissertation aims at investigating possible factors to the variability, genetics, and age, and explores the significance of these factors to the patients’ variability in hyperactivity and vulnerability to secondary infections towards the efficient outpatient treatment of patients with acute myeloid leukemia.

&nbsp.The research proposes a mixed method for exploring the objective and evaluating the hypotheses.

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