Management Process in Johnson & Johnson.

There was a difference in emotional intelligence among the high end and average performing managers due to their abilities and capabilities of handling work tasks. The high end performing managers knew the ways to handle their job roles and could reap out maximum productivity from the employees for the welfare of the organization. They had a good grasp on their emotions and could lead their subordinates in the right direction without any conflicts of interest occurring.

Flexible planning, recognition of emotion in self and others, and empathy are the facets that are important to the managers of J & J. These facets will help managers and other employees to make better decisions keeping in mind the current scenario and the organizational culture of the organization. The norms accepted by the employees, their emotions regarding various aspects, so on and so forth will help in building high emotional intelligence in employees (Cote and Miners, 27).

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Management Process in Johnson & Johnson.
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Answer 2

All the abilities should be evaluated for the evaluation of job performances that are required for the job role as the multi-skills present in employees allows many tasks to be conducted successfully for the firm.

Answer 3

Manufacturing and quality control recalls can be avoided if managers control the resistance in employees due to any mishap occurring in the firm. All negative emotions from the employees need to be removed. The managers need to ensure that the goals of the employees are in alignment with the goals of the organization and accordingly deal with all the manufacturing and quality-related concerns of the firm. Stronger relationships are built, stress at workplace is reduced which leads to better productivity.

The other abilities in avoiding recalls in organizations are through employees having an optimistic view of work and life. Having abilities to work hard and work under pressure by following the guidelines exactly allows recalls to be avoided in manufacturing and quality control areas.

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