Management of Information Systems

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Management of Information Systems: The Google Inc. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Despite being initiated as an internet service provider, Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility led it to expand its services in areas including selling of mobile phone hardware. Notably, with the 2012 acquisition of Motorola among other acquisition and service expansions, Google’s portfolio has grown since its incorporation until now. The growth has made it to be among the fourth top influential companies within the high-tech marketplace. Google Inc. is renowned for designing and developing new products along its product and service lines since its interception (Tan, Payton, and Tan 217). Its top management notes that the company intends to release even more new services and products in the market. therefore, Google is still anticipated to grow in the portfolio in the future especially along with its intended new products and services.

Google has been known to peg its immense technology in Silicon Valley that it has since manipulated to its advantage. For example, Google has been using silicon technology to create antivirus towards protecting its online content. Facebook had attracted nearly 200 million users within two years of its operation. The number has increased to nearly 1.4 billion users with smartphones attracting over 1.6 billion users (Tan, Payton, and Tan 203). The users of these services and products are expected to grow thereby expelling Google to improve its services and products to cater to the growing demand. Some of the additional new internet technology services that Google has since developed for global use include Twitter that is currently used as both a social and corporate communication platform (Scott 84). Despite the numerous steps that have been made by Google, in both technology and service delivery, some analysts are not certain of Google’s future. However, the Google team still insist that they have numerous service and products that they intend to give to the market.

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To remain in the market, Google has promised to be flexible and innovative as well as embracing diversity in the products and services that it delivers. For example, it has initiated the redesign of Mountain View campuses to incorporate other services deliveries as well as being a means of opening its mirror to a flexible approach to technology.

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