Management of Disasters.

Disaster management remains an important aspect of State and National management due to the fact that the occurrence and magnitude of most disasters are unpredictable (Kaser, 2007). Due to the severity in the need of ensuring that the occurrence of disasters does not outwit efforts that can be made by government through state institutions in responding effectively to the disasters, there has often been the call for collaboration with other agencies in disaster management in control. One of such agencies is the non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It is agreed that partnership between government agencies and non-governmental organizations can be very important for disaster recovery and response efforts. Generally, disaster response has been said to be the venture that cannot be accurately budgeted for (McKee, Figueras and Chenet, 1998). This is because of the unpredictable nature of disasters. Consequently, the allocation of resources on the part of government is often inadequate and thus requires additional input from these NGOs. What is next, the management of disasters has been said to be better approached if they will be carried out in a manner that is holistic and community-based (Healy and McKee,1997). Meanwhile, most of these NGOs are community-based and thus have a better understanding of the needs and demands of the indigenes. Their contribution to planning, recovery and response efforts, therefore, become more people-centered (Kaser, 2007). Finally, it has been said that the decentralization of disaster response enhances effectiveness and efficiency. This is because it guarantees that recovery and response efforts will be carried out in a more proactive manner due to the fact that there will be detailed urgency among the local people (Kaser, 2007). What is more, the fact that the process is decentralized means that much can be achieved within a shorter timeframe? Meanwhile collaborating with NGOs is one way of bringing about decentralization of the disaster response agenda.

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