Management Communication Quarterly

Need help with my writing homework on Management Communication Quarterly. Write a 500 word paper answering; Synopsis Communication is the process of sending a piece of information and receiving it on the other end. In case of organizations, communication is a very important term, when it comes to the interaction between employees. In an organization a message must be accurate and persuasive both within the organization, from individual to individual, person to a group or a team. Effective communication is really invaluable for managers while formulating and implementing a successful strategy. There are a lot that can be communicated through gestures, posture and the way a person maintains an eye contact. So, it is the duty of the manager to improve communication within the organization, which is vital for the functioning of the organization. There are majorly 2 types of communication, written and oral. Both are vital and decide the fate of the organizations based on the way the individuals interact and communicate. The research paper shed light on the present day scenario of written and oral communication in organizations. The research is a representative of the French approach to information and communication in organizations. It is an anchored research of the work done during the decade of 1985 and 1995 with its focus on French network ‘language and work’ .There has been a major shift from spoken language to written communication which led to further development in the field of research. Oral communication was replaced by written documents in workplaces, which led to long term research. This research involves immense variety of working papers, which showed a professional approach and communicated the relationship of the writer with the written text. Research is being conducted on aspects such as marking, formulating and text writing that are the functional aspect of written communication. Writing is the final stage of putting down words in text and also the succession of ideas for a long series of operations. Perception also plays an important role when it comes to communicating a thought. Perception is the process through which people receive, organize and interpret information from the environment. After which the information is reproduced in the way it is perceived. At times a person might not be able to communication it well, due to lack of clarity. Problems in oral communication has been listed a major reason for conflicts in the organization. Eventually the person involved in the conflict might get emotionally distressed leading to inefficiency in work. The paper takes a hypothesis into consideration which conceives the work both as material and intellectual. The transactions consist of task which are both information-based (data and text in the documents) and communication-based (validating information). REFERENCES: 1. Borzeix &Fraenkel ,Langage et Travail: Communication, cognition, action. Paris: CNRS Editions , 2001 2. Schermerhorn, J R 2010, Management, 10th edn, John Wiley & Sons, Miltonp. 382 3. Borzeix , Langage et Travail: Communication, cognition, action. Paris: CNRS Editions by, 2006, pp.

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Management Communication Quarterly
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