Please make my concerns known as I do not wish to waste anymore time. Also, please put in the key points to this deal and why it didn’t go through. As always, I don’t want to sound like I’m bitching and complaining but merely to correct what is due and owe to me/us. I have been patient on this issue and thus because of the timeline and due to failure to communicate on their part of whatever the issue is, I gather they don’t respect me and my presence and monies donated to benefit the communities and families. And thus, I’m forced to reassess the relationship as it’s no benefit to my organization or family members and if I don’t have the support and trust and all hands on deck then I will have to withdraw my economic support overall. And since I highly respect The commission, I wish to ask and seek their support and guidance on how best to handle this unfortunate situation as I need payment and debts paid so I can pay my people for their work and handling this organization. And i don’t want my people to suffer a pay cut or reduce their wages because other members were reckless with their gambling and obligations. And also, the deal was to send you my way, in my domain as requested continually to give me my necessary information on financial matters and records for me to filed and keep. So please make sure you request that I have addled for your protection from my organization and will give more support in monies and keep them happy that I truly appreciate their support and help as always. And make orders you come my way as soon as possible as I have wait far too long and I’m done waiting. And I’ll pay you once we met and discuss formalities and make sure you get your money gifts for doing your job and I’ll see it to it you have my support on that backend.? And we know how important it is to keep the machine well oiled and taken care of, making money is my goal but my loyalty has remain with the people who support me and the dream. The people who think they’re non important but they are the best hard working folks I know and get. Everyone has a job to keep up with this world; good can be spread if everyone just tries to do their part and do their best to walk with god on their side 🙂

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