Malnourishment Research Project Overview.

Political and social factors are attributed in the growing concern about overnutrition

It is a misconception that first world countries or economically-progressive countries are capable of having luxurious ways of living and as a result this leads to the citizens having poor diets and exercise deficiency. America is considered as the fast-food nation. The reasons are very much obvious. Statistics show that every twenty four hours, there is at least one American out of four who eats fast food. Their main reason is that fast food eating is very convenient and a cheap option. (Levinstein, 2003) The overnutrition rates in the second and third world countries are almost at the same levels as the rates of the developed countries.

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Malnourishment Research Project Overview.
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Economic stability has nothing to do with the prevalence of o overnutrition. The second and third world countries show the presence of malnourished citizens but they also have cases of obesity or overnutrition. Changes in the rates of overnutrition in different countries can be due to several factors. This may be due to societal changes such as greater food consumption and genetic adaptations that impact metabolism. Therefore, lifestyle and technological changes have adverse effects with the nutrition of the people.

In the book entitled Competitive Advantage by Jaynie Smith, she stated that there is an increasing need for people to eat healthy food. Since fast-foods are their usual first option for getting access to ready food, the fast foods have to think of new ways and strategies to offer healthy food options that will not prevent any potential or existing customer from buying food from them due to lack of healthy foods available. (Fjellstrom, 2004)

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