Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic MAKING INTERNATIONALISATION WORK: Challenges and Recommendations for Cross Cultural Working. The second part of the essay will present and critically evaluate three detailed recommendations that the firm can utilise to minimise the likelihood of cultural difficulties occurring. This will include a series of practical measures that will be relevant to the firm in the quest to reduce conflicts and ensure the smooth transitioning of the firm in the foreign environment.

“Cross-culture is the difference in culture among different countries. Cultural diversity however indicates differences within a nation. Cross-cultural management is effective interaction and understanding of different people who represent different cultures.” (Bhattacharyya, 2012, p. 92). This implies that cross-culture is about the way the home culture of a firm differs from the culture in a host’s country. Also, this comes with another dimension of cultural diversity which involves the differences in the culture of the different peoples within the host country. Therefore, the use of cross-cultural management involves the creation and institution of measures and practices meant to ensure that the activities of the firm are streamlined to give the best results and avoid conflicts.

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“Culture is commonly defined as the predominating attitudes and behaviours that characterises the functioning of a group, a community, an organisation or a nation.” (Menipaz &amp. Menipaz, 2013, p. 93). This implies that culture is the way a group of people live and carry out their activities. This includes the most popular themes and ideologues that define the way people think and behave at various points in time.

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