Major disadvantages of pizza hut interactive table.

 Pizza Hut Interactive Table April 27, Pizza Hut Interactive Table The Pizza Hut interactive table is a new concept in the market. Despite the excitement that this concept is gathering, there are a number of concerns that need to be addressed.

First, the table raises hygienic issues. The ordering process involves using a touchscreen platform. These platforms are used by all clients. The problem with this is that infectious diseases may be spread through the platform. After making one’s order using the platform, not all clients will be careful enough to wash their hands. Diseases which spread through body fluids may be easily spread by the use of this platform. To avoid such a problem, customers should be encouraged to wash their hands after making order through the platform. Also the restaurant staff should ne periodically wiping the touch screen tables.

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Major disadvantages of pizza hut interactive table.
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Second, the platform is vulnerable to uncertainties of technology. Software bugs and failures during a busy session will bring a restaurant to stand still. This will be especially the case if customers get overly used to the platform. It is worth noting that the platform is yet to be tested severely and such software bugs and failures are a possibility. The way to overcome this challenge is through pilot testing the platform before rolling it out fully.

Thirdly, the system like any other electronic system is vulnerable to malicious hacking. Malicious hackers may hack the platform and modify customer order contents. This will likely cause uproar in a restaurant as customers get served with what they did not actually order. In order to overcome this challenge, an alternative method should be readily available in case of a failure of the platform.

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