Maintaining Cultural Diversity.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Maintaining Cultural Diversity. Maintaining Cultural Diversity Prior to expounding on one’s contentions regarding maintaining cultural diversity, it is eminent to define the term. According to the report written by the Institute for Community, Ethnicity and Policy Alternatives of Victoria University, “diversity as a concept is broad and tends to refer to groups or individuals that are perceived to be different from the general community (Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health, 2003). Cultural diversity is… ‘a source of exchange, innovation and creativity…as necessary for mankind as biodiversity is for nature’ (UNESCO, 2002)” (Victorian Government Department of Health 9). One is in full support for maintaining cultural diversity for the following reasons: (1) it encourages the exchange of more variety of ideas, opinions, and points of views that increases opportunities for greater knowledge. (2) members of culturally diverse communities or organizations acknowledge that no one particular cultural value is better than others. (3) increased interaction among members would contribute to “more frequent and effective working relationships among those who have mutual interests” (Smith et. al. 1). (4) new ideas are produced, communications are improved and bridges are built to the people needing services (Smith 1). and (5) provides greater chances for emergence of innovative ideas and therefore facilitates generation of more alternatives to solve problems.

Those who oppose maintaining cultural diversity contend that: (1) there would be potential tendencies to lose awareness and adherence to traditional cultural values. (2) there could be more conflicts due to disparities in beliefs, practices, and traditions. (3) there are more misunderstandings which delay effective communication process and decision-making. and (4) in organizations and work groups, maintaining cultural diversity would necessitate managing it which would be more costly and time consuming (Gadget 1).

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The benefits of maintaining cultural diversity far outweigh any costs or disadvantages associated with it. Therefore, one strongly believes that cultural diversity should be maintained and managed for the greater benefit of a greater number of people.

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