Magic Fountain By Magic Fountain 0 Upward fluid movement

Write a 2 pages paper on fluid mechanical. Magic Fountain By Magic Fountain 0 Upward fluid movement The first person(s) to do an experiment on upward fluid movement were two Egyptian brothers,&nbsp.the Banu Musa brothers who invented a double-concentric siphon.

2.0 Explanation on the Heron’s experiment

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Magic Fountain By Magic Fountain 0 Upward fluid movement
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I have watched the video through the link provided, and it is strange to see what is happening. The joint pressure connecting A and C is higher than the pipe from B into A, As long as the total weight of water from B to A is less than that moving from A to C, water will keep going up (Munson & Okiishi 2009, 75). You can also make it flow faster by increasing the length of pipe A to C while maintaining the length of the pipe from B into A. The fluid motion in this case is powered by gravitational force.

You must have a pipe in a U shape which allows the liquid to calm down in the pipes while the level becomes equal and high in the two ends. Looking at those pipes, you might notice that they have different diameters creating an illusion (Kezerashvili & Sapozhnikov 2000, 1). This causes an imbalance when water is put in the thick end, and no water in the thinner opening of the pipe. The construction made in the pipe make the liquid not to come to equilibrium. as a result, the water in the thick end exert weight pushing the water down the thick pipe. The kilogram of water that was situated at the most elevated point on one end moves in the opposite direction to the following side, precisely as a pendulum would when swigged (Kezerashvili & Sapozhnikov 2000, 1). The overbalancing mass of water getaways from the slight end because the channel is so short, it is impractical hold 1 kg of water. On the peculiarity, you comprehend that the surge is redirected to the thick end of the channel, where it extends the measure of time required for the liquid to accomplish concordance while encountering the tight end. The structure will accomplish amicability in the unmistakable measure of time that it takes for the water to pass through the restricted tube.

Note: This charm Fountain examination will certainly for two reasons: at first, it relies on upon pneumatic power, which runs out once the first holder gets filled.&nbsp.Furthermore, the fundamental thing that goes to the second compartment is vaporous pressure and not water. In this manner, it moves the water in the second compartment to the third, yet nothing refills the second holder! No water ever moves into that holder.

The Basic physics at play here are: gravity, mass, downward force, and pressure. This experiment may not always work in a simple laboratory with ordinary apparatus like.


Fluid pressure is given by the formula hρg

Change in pressure = p1-p2

= h1ρ1g1- h2ρ2g2

Let H2 be = 18cm

The liquid used is pure water

P2= 18/100 *9.81 * 1000

= 1765.8Nm-3

h2 – h1 = p2 –p1

=1765.8 – 1200

H1 = P/ρg

= 1200/9.81*1000


Therefore, increase in height = 18-12.2

= 5.8cm

List of References

Munson, B., & Okiishi, T. (2009).Fundamentals of fluid mechanics&nbsp.(6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: J. Wiley & Sons. Kezerashvili, R., & Sapozhnikov, A. (2000). Magic Fountain. Retrieved November 13, 2014, from http://arxiv.

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