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Organizational Analysis Affiliation: Analyze an educational organization in which you have worked or are currently working using the learning

The educational organization I was working in was a private middle school where parents paid a lot of money to have the best education for their children. The head of the school was a principal who was only in charge of the staff and other administrative affairs but the other affairs were run by the board of directors. The communication in this case started from the board of directors to the principal, the teaching faculty and the last were the parents. Depending on what was being communicated, the support staff was included in the list either under the teachers or sometimes at the bottom under the parents. The board of directors was however behind the scenes and the principal was the leader.

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The principal spent most of her time communicating with the parents, students and teachers about issues to do with the vision of the school as well as the policies. She was in charge of calling for faculty meetings in case of any miscommunication, indiscipline cases or other matters concerning the teachers that needed to be passed to the students. Her effective communication skills with the stakeholders of the school led to an increase in funding and donations to the school as a way to appreciate her work.

Everything was not always smooth despite the effectiveness of the communication. This was evident in a few cases where there was failure in communication due to various barriers. The most common of these barriers were brought about by channels used to pass the information to the students and teacher as well as other staff in the school which at times proved to be problematic. Most of the time the communication to students was carried through the school’s public addresses system that was connected from the principal’s office to the hallways, classrooms, recreational schools and even the cafeteria. There are times the system failed and especially when there was power blackout as it was not connected to the backup generator.

The leadership of the institution was very coordinated based on the fact that the information and decisions came from the board of directors to the principal who carried out the disbursements role very well that the board did not have to worry about finding another channel to pass the news. In fact the effectiveness of the leadership was obvious from the fact that not many people knew about the existence of the board or who were the board members as everyone dealt with the principal.

The principal and the deputy principal who were the leaders were not managers but rather servants as well as coaches. They empowered those who were under their leadership and impacted in them a spirit of learning and togetherness. They sought advice and support from the faculty and parents and even implemented some of the suggestions made. They aimed to do the right thing for the students and they fulfilled this through paying attention to each and every detail no matter how insignificant it seemed, they focused on success and aimed at doing the right thing all the time and the success of the educational institution was evidence of this leadership.


Green, R. (2013). Practicing the Art of Leadership (4th Ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.

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