lovelocks global warming.

The article puts forward the bold thoughts of the scientist Lovelock on the issues of global warming. Lovelock is famously known as the Gaia scientist who put forward his theory that the earth is a planet which lives on itself and is not dependent on any sources out of the earth. Lovelock clearly says that the temperature of the earth will rise to remarkable levels and it will be a cause of deaths of about 90 percent of the people living on earth. He puts forward the explanation that there will be widespread disaster in the form of severe food shortages, storms and floods. The equilibrium of the earth would be altered and even the prevention strategies that have been started will not be of any use because the damage that has already been done is irreversible.

Global warming is an important issue of debate but to consider it to be a cause for the end of the world within the next few decades is an exaggeration. Global warming has been an issue since the late nineteenth century. If it was a process which was going to produce disastrous effects on a very quick basis the earth would have ended by now. The steps to prevent global warming are already being taken up many countries. There have been inventions of solar and water based cars. It is a fact that these measures would take time to come into effect but to put the blunt ending to the world without considering the efforts that are being put to save it is a very quick decision with not much evidence.

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Global warming is an international issue which is affecting our world. It needs immediate attention with support from the people and the scientists who should look for ways and measures to prevent the catastrophic end to this world. To give up hope without looking for a solution is not the right thing to do and a fight against global warming by creating awareness would be of help.

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