Long Beach Municipal Cemetery. 

Which is understood to have been developed as a graveyard for Bixby Ranch employees according to the information provided by the City of Long Beach official website. Despite of the presence of a Bixby Mausoleum on the site, none of the Bixby family members are said to have been buried there as the bodies of George and Helen Bixby were exhumed on February 27, 1923 and now lay in the Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles. The cemetery site is home to some standing headstones that date back to as early as 1900s, while a few flat headstones are also present, they have become so deteriorated over the passage of time that it is not quite possible to read the writing on them as the dates and names have become faded. Records suggest that the City of Long Beach assumed the responsibility of a majority of the ground’s maintenance on 10th of July, 1900, for which the Long Beach Cemetery Association was previously accountable for.

As per the information provided in the book released by Questing Heirs Genealogical Society, INC., the first interment at the cemetery took place in 1878, which was of a 17-year-old boy named Milton F. Neece. Other famous internments at the cemetery apart from that of Willmore’s are of U.S Congressman Alexander Hamilton Jones, who died on January, 29th, 1901, Amanda Ellen Wiley Harmon, a deaf inventor who died in 1933 and Grace Bush Eads, the first Long Beach school teacher who departed in 1944. It can be interpreted that the demographics of the community surrounding the cemetery have not gone through a substantial change over the past 50 years, with the racial makeup containing a majority of White population followed by African American members, according to the United States Census Bureau. Even though, diversity in the area does exist with Hispanic and Asian inhabitants it is unclear and inconclusive whether they constituted of a major part of the community around the time when the Long Beach Municipal Cemetery was established.

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Long Beach Municipal Cemetery. 
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