Literture Review of 2 Articles

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Literture Review of 2 Articles. According to previous researchers, the supplementary schools aim at developing the ethnic and cultural identity of the child, as well as boost their self-esteem and confidence. Another major aim of the schools is to ensure the good performance of minority and ethnic children that school in state-maintained schools. Through obtaining data from electronic databases of the British Education Index (BEI) and Education resources Information center, ERIC, the study researches on the aims of the supplementary schooling programs. The research uses questionnaires for purposes of investigating the thoughts of the young people on the supplementary education. The outcome of the research is that there was the establishment that the pupils were happy with the supplementary education to a higher extent than their satisfaction with the mainstream education system.

In the article on early childhood special education, the main aim of the research was in exploring the different ways in which teachers of the early childhood special education can support the social behaviors of the children in the context of their preschool classes. In the research design, there was the collection of data from six children in a natural classroom observation. The researchers coded the data from the children and analyzed it for emergent themes contained in a qualitative framework. Among the outcomes of the research revealed the fact that there existed a variety of behaviors and strategies applied by teachers of the early childhood special education. These strategies helped the teachers and their assistants to respond in a social manner to the children in their classrooms.

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Literture Review of 2 Articles
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